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Recruitment is a 2-way process. We wanted to ensure we provide you with plenty of information about us and our company. Starting from fresh we have had the opportunity to do things differently and build a company that we enjoy working in . We hope you will to, but accept we may not be for everyone. Its also important that we set out the type of person we are looking for , so that is what this page is all about.

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We are looking for a seismic processing geophysicist to join our small but elite imaging group. You must have a true passion for seismic and technical problem solving and desire to work within a high functioning team. That passion and enthusiasm must shine through - as part of your application why not share an examples of your favourite piece of seismic, or where you have challenged yourself and discovered something new.

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Being a small company, having the right character to fit with our set-up and the rest of the team is important. We will be looking for someone that can demonstrate the majority of these core characteristics and an ability to develop into others. Nobody is 100% perfect at all of them, but as a whole they reflect the type of person that is going to succeed at RockWave.

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We believe we are one of the few processing shops that is commercially active in such a wide range of markets. A high percentage of our work is within Offshore Wind, for developments all around the world and an increasing client base. However we are also involved in high end Oil & Gas processing, underground storage of different flavours and even huge infrastructure projects!

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