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Case Studies

Stories from our global seismic data processing shop floor.

Celtic Sea.jpg

Learn how we turn O&G seismic data into something useful for identifying shallow subsurface risks critical to foundation design and installation considerations.

Image by Ashin K Suresh

How legacy seismic data can offer value to major projects. We pose the question... Should you reprocess legacy data and save money, or invest in a new acquisition?

complex seismic multiples.jpg

ONE-Dyas had a dataset contaminated with multiple noise in their Dutch seismic 3D, read on to hear how RockWave's processing tools and people combined to produce a great final result.

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The Crown Estate has laid plans to use floating wind in Celtic Sea as a means of unlocking up to 4GW of new clean energy capacity for England & Wales. Erebus is the first in the area and benefitted from RockWave UHRS reprocessing.


Learn more about how RockWave UHRS single and multi channel seismic processing workflows, including O&G seismic Repurposing, are benefitting offshore wind developers through the lens of our fictitious island nation.

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