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Capture a Cleaner Future

CCS Services

Seismic is traditionally associated with extracting hydrocarbons, but it's just as vital when storing the resulting emissions. RockWave utilise our renewables expertise through Hi-Res and Repurposing workflows to bring enhanced understanding of a site's CCS potential

Optimise The Overburden


Understand the leakage pathways

CO2 is more mobile than hydrocarbons and more likely to escape and leak, however seismic data associated with abandoned O&G fields is mainly concerned with imaging the reservoir itself with less attention paid to the overburden. When scoping those same fields for potential to store CO2, RockWave reprocess the seismic to obtain maximum resolution in the overburden for accurate assessment of potential leakage pathways.

4D Monitoring


For hydrocarbons & CO2

Having worked extensively with a wide variety of acquisition designs, we can tailor our processing sequence to match the optimal configuration for any given field. We are highly experienced in processing P-Cable data, which is increasingly being used to acquire 4D monitor surveys in close proximity to oilfield infrastructure.