Seismic for Solid Foundations

Engineering Services

The engineer is our end-user and we are here to build their confidence in the ground models that underpin their subsurface design.

UHR Expertise


Increase confidence in design

How much does an engineer really know about the quality of subsurface data underpinning the ground model upon which their whole foundation concept is based? We have reprocessed datasets where entire geological interfaces have appeared, as if by magic, having not been picked up in the original model. Through optimised seismic processing, we ensure accurate ground models and increase confidence in design.

Every Detail Counts


Small variation, large implication

Before building bridges or tunnels, locating buried cables or detecting boulders, you need seismic processing. Did you know that poorly processed data can result in interpretations being inaccurate by up to 10% of your foundation depth? In engineering terms those are large margins of error and can have implications on your foundation design. Ensure your models are built on accurate data and reduce your uncertainty.