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Matt Swan - Managing Director

My career started out thanks to a love of nature, the environment and earth science that combined with a certain aptitude for geography, maths and physics, sending me on a collision course with a Geophysics degree, mostly on the assumption I’d get to learn about earthquakes and volcanoes. That I did, a little, but unless I set my sights on an academic career that dream job working in ‘earthquakes and volcanoes’ wasn’t going to materialise, so I fell into the oil & gas industry…. with no real idea at the time where that would ultimately lead.

But I needn’t have worried, as I fell into an industry that has offered me no end of opportunities and different possible paths of discovery. If I saw an open door that looked interesting I’d take it and I am a firm believer that hard work and a can-do attitude, plus the flexibility to adapt is what makes those doors open. I have progressed from technical roles as a geophysicist, to sales, business analytics and more strategic functions such that now, 17 years later, I know where I was meant to end up having uncovered a passion for strategic planning and delivering business growth and improvement. I see such things as puzzles to crack - bringing all the pieces together, building a case for the most likely route to success and then turning that into a reality is incredibly enjoyable, bringing variety and continual challenges that keep every day fresh and exciting.

And there is no more rewarding a place to do that than in the dynamic and ever changing world of geoscience, which is why this latest adventure with RockWave is so thrilling. We’ve launched at a time of transition that is here to stay and are ready to face that challenge. We have a great team, an exciting vision and the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver on it. All the pieces of the puzzle are there….now we have to open some doors and build our path. That’s just as exciting as earthquakes and volcanoes!


My fascination for geoscience...


Matt Swan

Managing Director

Does everything except processing and especially the things nobody else likes e.g. Finance, Legal & HR.