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Offshore Wind Services

RockWave’s advanced 2D & 3D UHR seismic processing technology and workflows ensures your ground model is underpinned by optimised data throughout the development lifecycle.



Enhance your initial ground model

Early stage scoping often utilises available public data, but how often do you turn to O&G seismic? RockWave bring our O&G processing expertise to maximise the resolution obtained from the top 100m of these datasets and add a whole new level of detail to your initial models.

Sub Bottom Profiler


Don't compromise your cable route!

Sub-bottom profiler data is often described as UUHR. But if not optimally processed then you might as well knock a "U" or 2 off that description. RockWave can ensure these datasets achieve the ultra ultra high resolution imaging they were acquired for, revealing features within the top 5m below seafloor that will accurately guide tooling decisions when cable trenching.

Single/Multi-Channel UHR


Redefining Fit for Purpose

We have 80 years of combined experience processing 2D/3D seismic data through Time and Depth in the O&G industry, where technology and workflows are at the cutting edge to guide multi-million dollar well decisions.  Now we are bringing those standards into the shallow seismic world and are pushing boundaries and innovating over and above what has gone before.