Exceptional Service as Standard

Oil & Gas Services

No matter the size or complexity of your requirements, 2D, 3D, Time or Depth Imaging, Rockwave will always guarantee an experienced team, leading technology and an exceptional service.



Pay attention to what matters

The importance of pre-processing is well understood by RockWave. We pay close attention to steps such as deghosting, designature, demultiple and noise attenuation because they have the potential to provide great uplift in data quality that positively impacts later stages of velocity modelling and migrations, and nobody likes a stubborn multiple masking their target!



Build with Confidence

Nothing is off limits with the toolbox available to RockWave. We can provide Q, isotropic and anisotropic Kirchhoff migration, Least-squares (LS), Reverse Time (RTM) and LS RTM, fed with advanced velocity models built using tomography and full waveform inversion (FWI).

The RockWave Difference


Flexible by Nature

There are no corporate logistics to battle with here. Our projects are run efficiently even before they begin. From agreeing contract terms to delivering the data, our independence allows us to be refreshingly flexible, open and fast acting to ensure an exceptional service is received by all our clients.