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Alastair MacLeod

Sales Director

​Alastair is a proud graduate from the “ENV” class of 2009 at University of East Anglia (UEA) where he cemented his passion for geoscience. Many friendships were forged on field trips whilst attempting geophysics in hail storms or getting sunburnt on beaches.​

The oceans were calling out for a seismic data processor to help image their underbellies, so he took a job with Gardline Geosurvey and got to see every continent except Antarctica (remains on the bucket list), carrying out onboard processing of seismic for geohazard site survey and wind farm foundation zones.​

Alastair moved to TGS in 2012 and continued learning his processing craft, before turning to the “dark side” by joining the sales and project development teams in October 2014, just as the oil price turned south and companies pulled back their spending on multi-client seismic data! However, being a sales guy during a downturn demands harder work for less reward, so an openly optimistic Alastair will tell you this was a great learning experience and RockWave are ultimately the beneficiary.​

Being a “Sales Director” means he’s the guy you can send any enquiry and he’ll get back to you promptly, but in small companies such roles also come with other responsibilities. Alastair additionally handles the company IT, manages our “Student Army”, attempts witty writing for marketing content and even occasionally gets his hands dirty by helping out the processing teams.

My fascinations...

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