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Connor Boylan


Finding enjoyment in sleeping under a sheet of canvas on a wet mountainside and racing up and down the 3 highest British mountains in under 24 hours, Connor seemed destined for a career in Geoscience. He also has a thirst for asking questions and solving problems. BIG questions at that.

A young Connor attempted to find an answer to the biggest question of all by leaving a note to Santa one Christmas eve, demanding that he signed his name to prove he was there. He woke to find Santa’s signature (or autograph?), alongside a sooty paw print, to leave Connor satisfied but still not certain he had this one solved. Clearly, this is a man that won’t stop until he has the answer – perfect for geophysics!

Upon leaving school, more big questions could be asked whilst studying physics & astrophysics at Glasgow university. The connection to geophysics began here, in that remote sensing could be used to infer properties of an object without actually touching it. The physics are the same. So, when it came to choosing his next path, the Exploration Geophysics course at Leeds uni under Roger Clark was a logical decision, or was it the fact that BP were willing to pay for his entire course under their scholarship program??

Connor’s intelligence and work ethic have shined through during his education. Instead of spending his summers on Scottish beaches like the rest of the nation (ahem), he gained work experience including modelling heat flow through buildings using C++ programming language, and monitoring nuclear waste at Sellafield. Then went on to win an award for achieving the highest grade for his Masters dissertation on seismic scattering.

Despite having a CV more heavily decorated than New York at Christmas, the harsh reality of the oil price came to bite as he graduated in 2015 to find the vast majority of companies making redundancies and putting a freeze on hiring. To make matters worse, Connor’s beloved Scotland then suffered a devastating loss to Australia in the rugby world cup quarter-final with a controversial late penalty. Thankfully CGG came to the rescue, as he joined their team in Crawley to start his professional career as a geophysicist, where he gained hugely valuable experience in project roles (including representing CGG for a year at CNOOC’s in-house processing centre) and progressed to senior level, project leading, mentoring and managing teams.

Connor now swaps one of the biggest seismic corporations for our small fascinated team of exceptional service providers, and is excited to start solving new problems from across the seismic frequency spectrum.

My fascinations...

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