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Greg Hulks


Greg loves maps and made it official by studying Geography at Nottingham University between 2009-12. This kept his geoscience options open and allowed time to build a passion for sustainability, by studying topics such as Environmental Change and being on the committee for the ‘People & Planet’ group. Before later joining the O&G industry…​

It was only upon graduating that Greg discovered the word “Geophysics”, as he responded to an advert in the paper for a ‘Geophysical Technician’ at TGS. Hmmm, this might involve maps, let’s go for that!​

Everyone at TGS (which at the time included all 5 RockWave Co-Founders) and even Greg himself, learned very quickly that he had a talent for seismic processing, as 8 years later he had climbed the geophysical ladder and earned a reputation for hard work and delivering projects on time. No surprise that in early 2021 he was snapped up by RockWave.​

Now at RockWave, Greg enjoys applying his geophysical skillset for the benefit of renewables industries, and because they are a far smaller company than his previous experience, he feels much more involved in their overall goals.​

If you meet Greg you will find him a sociable chap and very willing to help. He enjoys working with people and will often end a project claiming to have found his new favourite client. We’re not certain, but he probably keeps a list!

My fascinations...

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