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Leon Stanley


Leon was a handful, according to his mother. Eager to explore the world from a very young age and getting lost in Legoland meant that reins were required to slow him down. We like to think he perfectly embodies RockWave value number 3... ADVENTURE – Dare to Discover: Explore new paths, challenge tradition and be excited to discover where this takes us.

His family spent those early years burning off Leon’s energy in the Surrey hills (a rugged landscape, according to Leon, but disputed by his Yorkshire-born partner) and building his fascination for geoscience. In fact, so much of his time has been spent outside, wearing his trademark boots with long white socks, that consequently he is now unable to tan his feet and ankles – so rarely are they exposed to the sunshine.

For someone so adventurous, a geology degree and the promise of field trips was the logical fit. And so, finally free of the parental reins, Cardiff University was lucky enough to host Leon between 2015-18, where he found plenty of like-minded people who shared his passion for rocks. Field exploration during these years gave Leon a taste for travel, from scaling the heights of rain-soaked Welsh quarries to exploring the sea cucumber-strewn beaches of northern Spain, which now results in an Instagram feed littered with Costa Rican sloths and Guatemalan volcanoes.

Not content with graduating from Cardiff with a First Class honours degree, Leon moved to Leeds to study Exploration Geophysics under Roger Clark. Here, he sought to augment his geological knowledge with a flair for maths and problem solving to become a high-ranking card in the metaphorical game of geophysical Top Trumps. It worked!

Downunder Geosolutions (DUG) signed him up in 2019, where he became a valued colleague and gained experience working with DUG’s clients on 2D, 3D and OBN projects.

Five years later, Leon sought a new adventure that would allow his skills to expand into Energy Transition projects with us here at RockWave. Our work from anywhere policy will allow Leon to satisfy his craving for travel, however after recently adopting a needy puppy called Maggie, he might find the flexi-work policy more useful. Make sure you keep her on the reins, Leon.

My fascinations...

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