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Sandeep Bhamber


Sandeep’s career as a geophysicist started unconventionally, as instead of studying geophysics, a twist of fate led him to Sheffield University to learn about bridges, buildings and all manner of structures as part of a Master of Engineering (MEng). Lucky he did, as this was the place where he first met his future wife. Thank goodness!​

Towards the end of his first year there was another (non-wife related) twist of fate, which required Sandeep’s determined character to get him through. He began experiencing serious health issues that were brought on by certain food groups and threatened the rest of his time at university. Despite these challenges he graduated with flying colours, however to continue to manage his health he needed to find employment close to home.​

Thankfully geophysics employment was close by, at TGS in Bedford, where Sandeep’s talent for maths and physics could find a good home. He excelled in the company and returned to full health… just don’t feed him any dairy! Geophysics came naturally to Sandeep. But combining this with a strong ability to communicate, it is no surprise he ended up being part of the team that built a Depth Imaging training course for the UK Processing Centre.​

Then another twist... (don’t worry!)​

RockWave came calling, with their long list of engineers as clients. Was it all just meant to be for Sandeep Bhamber (MEng)?​

Sandeep is a valued member of the RockWave team and helps us all talk and think like an engineer, i.e. using facts (the opposite of geophysics). He is the creator of many great scripts that make our processes more efficient and is not shy in telling us how we could do things better (especially when it comes to fantasy football!). No layers of management approval needed here… if they make sense, we just implement them!

My fascinations...

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