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Steve Drewell


Steve’s geoscience adventures started in school days, where according to him, only the “cool people” studied geography. However this coolness was somewhat offset, as Steve also spent lengthy periods of time behind a BBC Micro Model A with 16KB of RAM, learning 6502 assembly language (now defunct!), about 25 years before coding became cool.

What WAS cool back then however, was the US hit TV show, Dallas (this is open to debate). Steve will gladly inform you that the overhead shots of cowboys walking over plains littered with nodding donkeys, captured his imagination sufficiently to conclude that he wanted to be a geologist and work outside. We’re suspecting his first day at UCL, where he studied geology, was attended in a Stetson…

Dreams of working outside soon became reality after graduating in 1990, as Steve joined a land seismology field crew in Italy for Horizon, then later setting up OYO geophysical instruments at locations such as Brunel’s famous Thames Tunnel. These early career years allowed Steve to hone his skills in a wide variety of areas including interpretation, coding and even that dirtiest of words (in Steve’s world)… SALES!

An overarching talent for geophysics led to Steve joining Western Geophysical’s seismic data processing department in 1995. But after 11 years of sitting behind a desk in Bedford and later Gatwick, our Dallas-inspired Geo craved another adventure. So he dropped everything and went travelling around the world for an entire year.

After 6 months and halfway around the world he met his future wife and verbally secured himself a job with TGS. Somehow managing to convince both of them to wait for his return to the UK before they could all start a new life together. Must have been those sales skills!

When you meet Steve you will note his calm and friendly manner, which have been welcomed by all the staff and clients that have sought his advice on projects. We’re delighted to have his geophysics experience and (now) cool coding skills at RockWave, so that clients across multiple energy sectors can benefit.

My fascinations...

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