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Tas Burn


Tas “fell into” geophysics, according to her, after shunning a potential route to playing professional tennis. Or was she always destined for it? From aged 6 until graduating school, Tas lived in Trinidad with her twin brother, one regular brother and parents. Here she lived a life surrounded by rocks and waves whilst hopping between islands, so surely it is only natural that she has ended up at RockWave!

Swapping the Caribbean for northern England might seem crazy to some, but Tas is clearly someone who follows her own path, especially as she joined the School of Earth and Environment at University of Leeds as the only female Geophysics undergraduate. It was during these early years back on British soils that Tas was led astray by a gaggle of Geologists, that she had the misfortune of living with and suffering their constant rock banter. Not Gneiss!

Thankfully the world renowned Exploration Geophysics Masters course in Leeds offered sanctuary from the rock lovers, and more focus on seismic processing ended up sharpening Tas’ focus on a desired career pathway. In came job offers from CGG, Western Geco and ION GXT, giving the luxury of picking the best one. Or in Tas’ case, the company that offered the best lunch packages. Note to self… ensure the attractive RockWave lunch policy is maintained.

Tas progressed extremely well in CGG where she worked directly on the entire processing project lifecycle, building an understanding of the imperfections in seismic acquisition and how pragmatism in processing is needed to keep projects on track. She was also very good with people, so much so that Tas was headhunted by Shearwater in 2017 to lead teams.

By 2024 there was a craving for the non-corporate world and once again taking her own bold path, she sent us a job application that started with “I like rocks. I also like waving at rocks” (seems those geologist housemates had a lasting impact). We liked her style and clear understanding of our values, namely how people and their personality make the biggest difference in seismic processing & imaging. Can’t wait for you to meet her.

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