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Ørsted and PGE Baltica

RockWave have successfully reprocessed and delivered over 14,000km of 2D UHRS seismic data to Ørsted and PGE Baltica for their Baltica 2+3 Offshore Wind Farms.

The project was a first of its kind for the joint venture in Poland, making use of seismic data that was already available by optimising the processing and increasing the information that could be extracted, without the need to conduct additional survey operations.

RockWave processed data from four different surveys comprising multi-channel sparker, multi-channel airgun, single-channel boomer and sub-bottom profiler.

Results of the reprocessed data will now be interpreted by the Baltica Team then used to update the existing ground models that provide the basis for foundation designs.

Since formation of the company in April 2020, RockWave have demonstrated that technology and expertise can be successfully transitioned from oil & gas seismic processing towards applications in marine renewables. The company provides seismic processing services to energy companies and geo-engineering consultancies who want to better understand the subsurface.

Matt Swan, Co-Founder and MD of RockWave, said: “This project with Ørsted & PGE Baltica has been an excellent showcase for RockWave’s capabilities and ability to deliver multiple data types at scale within the tight turnarounds required for Offshore Wind developments. We have thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative nature of the work and playing a small part in the development of these high profile windfarms.”

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