Who We Are Looking For

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Recruitment is a two-way process so we want to ensure we provide you with plenty of information about us and our Company to allow you to make an informed decision about applying to join us. Starting from fresh, we have had the opportunity to do things differently and build a company that we enjoy working in. Our hope is that you will too.
It’s also important that we set out the type of person we are looking for, and allow you to judge if you’d be a good fit to become the next RockWaver.

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We are looking for a seismic processing geophysicist with some pre-existing experience (more on that later!) to join our small but elite imaging group. You must have a true passion for seismic and technical problem solving that shines through in your application. All of our team have at least 10 years experience so there is lots of potential to learn, develop and grow, as well as teach us something new from your experiences.

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Character is hugely important to us. We are small, so each individual represents a big part of our company. We will be looking for someone that embodies many of these core characteristics, and is self-aware enough to know the areas where they may need to develop and have a willingness to do so. Nobody is 100% perfect at all of them, but as a whole they reflect the type of person that is going to succeed at RockWave.

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Since day 1 we have been diversifying our skillsets into new markets and playing our part across the full energy transition spectrum, not just talking about it! If you share that passion and wish to broaden your experiences in this way then we can provide those opportunities.
Whether your background is in O&G, shallow marine survey or other, your expertise in that field will be valued and we’ll help you spread your knowledge into the other areas.

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If that sounds like you then we may be a match! As we said at the start, recruitment is a two-way thing, so it is just as important that we are a good fit for your aspirations. For that reason, this week  we will provide you with more  information about our set-up and how we work. Some of that you may like, some you may not like, but we have intentionally made firm decisions in order to offer not just a job, but a lifestyle choice – sounds intriguing? Keep on reading…  New sections will be added each day this week.

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There is also a lot more information on this website. Scroll through our Adventures and Case Studies to find out about some of our projects. Read our client Testimonials, and most importantly of all, make sure you stop by and meet the team.