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Why You Might NOT Want To Work With Us

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The previous section gave the positive spin to our set-up, but admittedly we won’t be for everyone!

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We don’t think we’ve seen this in a hiring campaign before, but once the idea was out, there was no real reason to kill it off.

You will have gathered yesterday that we aren’t structured like a large processing shop. We have made distinct choices and some of those won’t appeal. It’s best for all of us if we are open about those too…

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If you have argued with your employer about more flexibility in home working since the pandemic, now’s the time to ask yourself if full time home working is really what you want.
There is no office to drop into …… ever. We don’t have water coolers or coffee machines (not real ones anyway) so if you need that daily ‘real’ interaction, you might find this tough.

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We are an independent seismic processing specialist. Seismic processing is what we do and will be what we hire for 99% of the time. So it has to be your passion. We don’t have vessels for you to go offshore, we don’t have global offices for overseas postings, we don’t have a myriad of separate departments to go on secondment to. We do seismic processing & imaging….and we’re proud of it.

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Our flat structure may also be somewhat divisive. If you are driven by the ladder climb and want to manage a team, or title and position are important to you, then it is probably unattractive.

We forgo hierarchy for a more holistic view on job satisfaction and success, so if you favour the traditional model we’re probably not the best place for your next career step. Did you watch ‘Squiggly Careers’ yesterday? At the bottom of this page we have a video on Ikigai, that gives you an idea of how we think a career should be viewed.

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We’re probably as far removed from a corporate culture as you are going to find, and whilst we love that, it’s perfectly reasonable that not everyone will. If you like the prestige of the corporate world, if you like to know there is a well ironed process for absolutely everything, if you want a wider range of opportunities to potentially develop into, if you want that added bit of security that comes from a big company (if that is even true anymore!) then that’s not what you will find here.
Sure, we have processes, procedures and ways of working, but we're a long way from being a super-major.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose and a reason for being. Applied to a career, it provides a more holistic view to job satisfaction and measures of success. Note: Third party content, contains advertising and promotion after 5:45 - so you can stop at that point!

Recruitment: Day 4: Video
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