How To Apply

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Your first stop, if not already, is the rest of our website.

Be sure to refresh yourself on all the additional information we have put online this week to support the LinkedIn slides, plus use the rest of the resources to learn about our Projects and the Team. Then there is the full Job Description.

If you like the sound of RockWave and can picture yourself being part of our adventure, the next step is to apply!

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To apply, do NOT send a CV – of any variety. Why? Alongside technical knowledge, we place a strong emphasis on cultural fit and your aspirations, none of which we feel will come across in a CV.

Instead, apply as feels most natural to you; write us a letter / build a presentation / record a video...  Whatever your preferred method, there are some guidance points below, but otherwise this is your opportunity to tell us why you would like to join us and what you believe you can offer. Once complete, email to

How To Apply FAQs

What Is The Deadline?

Closing date for applications is 08:00 Monday 5th September 

How do I apply?

Do NOT send a CV (see above).

Apply as feels most natural to you - write us a letter, build a presentation, record a video...or surprise us.

What Should I Cover Within My Application?

It really is up to you. If you have read all of the information provided you will know what we value and the type of person we are looking for. As a guide, some items that would be good to cover include:
1. Why you want to be a RockWaver
2. What you can bring to the Company
3. Your passion for seismic 

4. Your idea of exceptional service

Where Should I Send My Application?

Please email your application to 

If your preferred method of application isn't going to transmit via email (fortune cookies containing information about yourself?) then get in contact and we'll figure it out.

When Will I Get A Response & What Happens Next?

Whilst we hope to respond to everyone, that may be somewhat driven by the scale of applications. Our intention is to shortlist candidates to move forward to the interview stage. If you have made it to this stage you will have been informed by 19th September 2022.

How Will A Final Decision Be Made?

As made clear in the provided information, there is a set bar for technical ability, but beyond that we are looking for the right cultural fit and mindset, and someone that would thrive within our business set-up.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out to any of us via LinkedIn, or send an email to

How Will My Data Be Stored?

Your personal information such as first name, last name,  date of birth, address and other identifiers that you may provide through the course of your application will be stored securely on our IT systems. If you become a shortlisted candidate, but are unsuccessful on this occasion, we may ask for your permission to store your information for up to 3 years should we wish to contact you regarding additional opportunities. All applications and personal data relating to candidates that do not make the shortlist shall be deleted within 6 weeks of the application deadline, or sooner on request.