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Learn About Us

We like to think we are a bit different from your usual processing services company. We are also a lot smaller than the big name shops. Whilst we believe this is a good thing, it does mean we are set up differently. If you are considering applying, please review the following slides first to ensure we are a good fit.

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We are a small, close-knit and remote team whose strength lies in the connection between people, shared goals and attitudes. Sure, we all have different opinions, but core values and characters are mostly aligned. It is hugely important to us, and to your success here, that you are a good fit.  Technical ability beyond that requested  it’s not the key to success in this position.
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Job Description


The Deadline for Applications is 23:59 Sunday 10th December 2023

Location & Requirements

Home based working - suitable internet connection (min 20MB/s download) essential

This is a UK based role - you must have the right to work and be resident in the UK

Fluent in English - verbal & written


Salaries are candidate dependent. RockWave salaries are just one part of our full benefits package and modern view on career  satisfaction. They are based on a  transparent process that considers technical ability, service and cultural fit.  Shortlisted candidates shall be introduced to our process and the final candidate shall receive a full explanation along with their offer. 

The Role

We are looking for a Geophysicist to join our small, highly skilled seismic processing team to work on a range of projects across multiple energy and engineering sectors. This role is intended for someone in the earlier stages of their career with appropriate support provided. As a minimum, the role requires enough prior experience to meet the Technical Bar set out below. However, beyond that bar, your Cultural Fit within our organisation will carry more weight in the selection process than additional experience.

This is a full time position.

The Technical Bar

You have experienced a seismic processing project from start to finish, including testing to derive optimal parameterisation and technical problem solving to a level expected of your experience.

You have knowledge of the major processing steps within common workflows, and where and why these steps would be applied.

You are able to perform a review of both seismic data and processing workflows and  identify problems or irregularities that are present.

You will have good presentation skills to clearly communicate solutions to our clients in a clear and concise manner.

You will possess project management skills that allow you to manage project time and quality expectations with the ability to flag issues in advance.

You will have organisational skills that allow you to maintain project documentation and deliver these in a timely manner.

Cultural Fit

We are a small virtual team whose strength lies in the connection between people and it is key that we are a good fit. The successful applicant will demonstrate:

A visible passion for seismic processing, technical problem solving and achieving technical excellence.

An interest and desire to utilise their skillset across a broad range of energy & engineering projects and data types.

A service focus, ability to quickly establish professional relationships, and an enjoyment for client interaction and collaboration.

That they are a self-starter who is able to work remotely on a permanent basis, proven through exhibiting excellent communication skills, a genuine interest in others and willingness to invest time in social opportunities and developing a virtual working culture.

A sense of adventure and the enthusiasm and adaptability required within a growing organisation where not everything will be clearly defined.

That they are a true team player who is willing to engage in the wider aspects of the business and industry, and invest in other people’s challenges.

That they have the discipline to use Flexi-Work effectively to balance work and life commitments whilst appreciating the give/take within that arrangement.

A curiosity and interest in playing an active role in the growth of our company, and continually looking for, and offering, ideas for improvement and development.

That they are a teachable character who exhibits humility and pragmatism whilst being self-assured enough to identify weaknesses and seek personal improvement.

That they are willing and comfortable in giving and receiving honest feedback on a regular basis.

That they find the value in a modern view on career progression and job satisfaction.

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Benefits of working at RockWave

25 Days Vacation (plus Bank Holidays)

Vacation is for vacation. Flexi-work is for appointments. You don’t need to use up your holiday entitlement on a dentist visit or to attend a school trip. It is also possible to extend your time away using our 'Work From Anywhere' philosophy.

8% Pension Contribution

Retirement can seem a long way off and putting additional money into a pension is not always a priority, especially if you already have to top it up to the minimum requirement. We take that problem away from you and pay a full 8% contribution for you, leaving you to choose what, if any, you put in yourself.

Profit Sharing Bonus

Everyone at RockWave plays an important role in our success, and our bonus system ensures we all share in that. Each year we assign a % of profits to be split equally between all employees (excluding Company Directors)

Life Assurance & Private Health Care

4x salary coverage offers some security for your family, but also benefits for you too - our policy with YuLife rewards healthy activity, alongside not so healthy internal competitive rivalry! And if you do fall ill, BUPA private health care has you covered.


Find the work-life balance that suits you. We value trust and focus on results & delivering exceptional service for our clients. Our flexi-work allows work and life to live in harmony, not competition. We know you’ll always give your best for us, so we give the autonomy to you.


Here is how Sandeep is using Flexi work:

My typical work day is fairly standard, I prefer to start around 8:30am - 9am, work through to lunchtime at around 12:30pm, eat and then take the dog for his walk. I’ll then start up again and finish around 5pm.
Fairly often I will have something else in my calendar, from the more mundane doctors/dentist appointments to socialising with friends, playing squash or going to music gigs/festivals. This is where flexi-work from home comes into its own for me as I can fit the rest of my life in at times that suit me.
For example, working a Thursday evening so I can leave early on a Friday afternoon to go to a music festival, or enjoying good weather during the day with friends and working in the evening instead, or starting late if I’ve had one too many orange juices the night before…
More recently, my wife and I are currently expecting our first child so being able to go to all the hospital visits and classes has been invaluable.
Obviously, this all needs to fit around meetings, deadlines and keeping my workload on schedule which relies on a level of trust both ways, but the trust is given and means that it is easy to have a good work-life balance and makes me feel more motivated whilst at work.

Monthly Socials

As we are a virtual organisation, we make it a goal to meet socially every month and take it in turns to pick the activity. What started as casual meet-ups in a pub has now developed into an informal competition to out-do each other – escape rooms, VR competitions, mini golf, games cafe’s, and recently the first RockWave Hash. It's always fun and often an opportunity to try something new.


We also try to get away a few times a year for a full company workshop. This will involve a residential somewhere – we have been to the Norfolk Coast, Centre Parcs and this September the whole team will be in Edinburgh. At these workshops we’ll brainstorm certain aspects of our business with the whole team, so everyone plays an active role in our development. The Imaging team also hold periodic local workshops, where they meet up to share technical knowledge or further our processing procedures.

Work From Anywhere

If you have a suitable internet connection you can work from anywhere in the UK, so you do not have to stay in your home office. For example you can use this to visit relatives for more than a weekend or work from a co-working space. It’s the quality of the output that counts, not where you do it from - find where you are most comfortable and in the best mindset.

Subject to approval, Work from Anywhere can also be used for short term working from overseas, primarily designed to allow you to spend longer in vacation destinations. It does not, however, imply permanent or long term overseas working as this role is UK based.

How does this work in practice? Here is Andy to tell you.

During my time working for ENI in Milan I was fortunate enough to purchase a house in the mountains where we would escape from the city during the weekends. On returning to the UK, we resigned ourselves to the fact that we would probably only be able to spend a few weeks a year there from now on. RockWave’s ‘Work from Anywhere’ approach has solved that problem. For example, I am now able to spend 6 weeks during the summer in Italy, taking 2 weeks as vacation and the remainder working normally from there.

Having ensured a fibre internet connection and understanding that the hour time difference is for me to manage and ensure I am available for client and team meetings, I now get the best of both – being able to spend more time than expected in the mountains, whilst not using all my holiday allowance to do it.

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Equal Opportunities

RockWave values everyone as individuals and is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment. All applicants will receive equal treatment regardless of age, disability, gender,  marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, or sexual orientation. Selection will be conducted on the basis of merit, against the specified criteria.

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