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Welcome to RockWave

Independent Seismic Processing Specialist

Harnessing our passion for geoscience, in support of a sustainable energy future.

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We are an independent seismic processing specialist applying leading technology across the energy transition

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About RockWave

People. Service. Adventure.

You deserve a better experience from your next seismic project. This means you want to work with people who will operate with honesty, efficiency and dedication. You want your project to be a priority for the service provider and not to get lost under the weight of corporate bureaucracy.

That is what you will find when teaming up with RockWave, where our small, experienced, and passionate team of geophysicists have created an atmosphere and attitude that will extract the most amount of information from your seismic data.

We learnt our trade using top-tier technology to image O&G exploration targets, and now apply this across multiple energy sectors in support of a sustainable energy future, processing seismic to image exploration targets, CO2 underground storage and overburden, shallow foundation zones and cable routes. 

Since the RockWave adventure began in April 2020, your competitors have already been gaining an edge by working with us. So if you want to partner in an upcoming acquisition or consulting bid, or have seismic imaging challenges that require an expert solution, contact us today.

What Our Clients Say

RockWave's results rival any of the major processing companies in a timely and flexible fashion

RockWave's Repurposing workflows could be a potential game changer in the offshore renewables & infrastructure market

Efficient team of specialists who delivered excellent results on time for our project requirements

We now see RockWave as a safe pair of hands and the quality of our final 3D PSTM and PSDM data are testament to that.

a selection of our clients...

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SSE Renewables
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