People Make the Difference

Quality of seismic data depends on the experience, skill and enthusiasm of the team in charge.


The Team

Everyone in RockWave shares a passion for the natural world and a fascination with geoscience. We aim to build a relaxed, inclusive family atmosphere with remote working at its core, providing a fulfilling work/life balance whilst providing market leading services to our clients. 


Matt Swan

Managing Director

Does everything except processing and especially the things nobody else likes e.g. Finance, Legal & HR.

Rachel Ward

Operations Director

Has full control over all our projects and keeps everyone elses timing in check.

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Nick Woodburn

Technical Director

Dares to discover new technologies and implements the useful into our workflows.

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Peter Cox

Geophysics Director

Expert at designing the optimal processing sequence for any new dataset.

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Alastair MacLeod

Sales Director

Knocks on virtual doors and handles the sales, marketing and IT to allow the geophysicists to get on with the geophysics. Is sometimes spotted helping the imaging team.

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Greg Hulks


Handles every project with determination to meet the targets and especially deadlines.

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Sandeep Bhamber


Creator of scripts that make lenghty tasks severak times more efficient, much to the delight of his team mates.

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Watch This Space

RockWave continue to grow and we hope to welcome more new team players in the near future. We are looking for people that will thrive in a small company where fit with the team is as important as your skillset.

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