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We know you have a lot of choice when selecting a high-end seismic processing company, so why trust us with your project?

Here at RockWave, we are well versed in the significance of ensuring the data is processed to the highest of standards. Having spent the majority of our careers in O&G seismic processing, we understand that optimised seismic data can be the difference between making the next big discovery and missing the target (or not drilling it at all!). Now we also bring these same standards to the shallow seismic world for the benefit of offshore wind, carbon storage and engineering industries.

Continue reading to hear from the people who have already trusted their project to us.


Christian Strand – Nuclear Waste Services

February 2023

RockWave expertly handled all challenges related to processing of legacy data. Challenges included shallow targets in shallow water, not straight forward for older data. The results speak for themselves. The success of the project can be attributed to the skills of RockWave’s personnel, and the collaborative approach to the project.

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