We know you have a lot of choice when selecting a high-end seismic processing company, so why trust your project to a new start-up?

Here at RockWave, we are well versed in the significance of ensuring the data is processed to the highest of standards. Having spent the majority of our careers in O&G seismic processing, we understand that optimised seismic data can be the difference between making the next big discovery and missing the target (or not drilling it at all!). Now we bring these same standards to the shallow seismic world for the benefit of offshore wind, carbon storage and engineering industries.

Such importance placed on seismic processing means that, for a start-up in the industry, being given the chance to prove yourselves and more importantly, receiving positive client testimony is even more important. 

Continue reading to hear from the people who have already trusted their project to us.


ONE-Dyas - PSTM & PSDM Processing

November 2021

In the beginning our only doubts in using RockWave were that they were a new name. However, they convinced us that with their experience and the toolbox at their disposal, they would be able to deliver the solution needed for our dataset. Within the first or second week of the project getting underway, any previous doubts had evaporated: the project was managed methodically, the processing and QC’ing were carried out interactively and the reporting was done clearly. The project’s timekeeping was monitored constantly without technical shortcuts.

Overall, this project has been carried out in not only an efficient, but an intelligent and sensitive manner, with vibrant and enjoyable (online) meetings throughout that made our jobs quite easy. We now see RockWave as a safe pair of hands and the quality of our final 3D PSTM and PSDM data are testament to that. We are happy to give our consent for them to showcase the “vintage vs reprocessed” so you can see for yourselves. Click here to see the data examples.

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