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Equinor Showcases RockWave Data at EAGE

The one thing we love more than viewing the results of our data processing, is when our clients show us how they used the data once we deliver.

EAGE annual 2024 logo

We love it even more when the results are this good.

Elisabeth Grindstad of Equinor was presenting this work at the EAGE Annual 2024 conference in Oslo and has published a paper that can be accessed (by EAGE members) via EarthDoc. Use the link at the bottom of this article.

Equinor paper showing reprocessing of UHRS data for improved site characterisation for offshore wind
From EarthDoc where this paper can be download from

The seismic reprocessing was conducted by Steve Drewell and Peter Cox, with interest and support from the whole RockWave team... because we are all fascinated with UHRS processing for offshore wind farms.


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