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North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) Promotes Value of RockWave Repurposed O&G Seismic for Offshore Wind

In a timeless tale of innovation, the National Seismic Testing Authority (NSTA) published on their website a groundbreaking collaboration with RockWave in August 2022. Despite the passage of time, the insights shared in this article remain as relevant as ever, especially in light of ongoing initiatives such as the "Floating Offshore Wind Round 5" in the Celtic Sea.

The article chronicles RockWave's innovative approach to offshore wind farm development, leveraging seismic data originally earmarked for oil and gas exploration. Backed by the UK government, seismic surveys conducted in 2015 aimed to invigorate interest in under-explored areas, presenting an opportunity for seismic processing specialists like RockWave to redefine the boundaries of renewable energy.

One of the standout features of this collaboration was the repurposing of seismic data made available through the NSTA's National Data Repository (NDR). By meticulously analyzing the 2015 MNSH data with a keen focus on optimizing resolution within the top 100m, RockWave provided valuable insights into the shallow subsurface – a critical aspect often overlooked in traditional wind farm site assessments.

"The immediate value of the data to the oil and gas and carbon storage industries was clear as was the use made by academics, but it was not obvious who else may find a use for it. 
"Then, along came seismic processing specialists RockWave, who decided to look at the data in an unusual way."

What's particularly compelling about this article is its relevance amidst ongoing developments in the energy sector. With initiatives like the "Floating Offshore Wind Round 5" in the Celtic Sea gaining momentum, the insights gleaned from RockWave's collaboration with NSTA take on a new significance. As stakeholders navigate the complexities of offshore wind farm development, the lessons learned from this collaboration serve as a guiding light towards a more sustainable future.

Despite being published in 2022, the insights shared in this article resonate deeply with the ongoing challenges and opportunities in the energy landscape. It's a testament to the enduring relevance of collaboration and innovation in driving the energy transition forward.

For those eager to delve deeper into RockWave's collaboration with NSTA and the transformative potential of seismic data in offshore wind farm development, we invite you to read the full article here:

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