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Thank You Dave Monk!

As we have discovered, the most common reason why a small geophysics company like ours will lose out when bidding for seismic processing projects is because the potential client has not already experienced working with us.

That is why we would like to say thank you to all those people and companies that have trusted that we will deliver the exceptional service that we promise, and why your feedback is so important to us.

Which take us to our latest testimonial from the esteemed David Monk... what an absolute honour!

“I’d not worked with RockWave before 2022, but have had experience with many other processing contractors, both big and small. The company has put together the best of both software and personnel. It’s refreshing to actually find “experts” who really have expertise, but are still willing to listen to new ideas, and dig to the bottom of problems that they haven’t seen before in the data that represented some of the most challenging seismic processing.

“A 3D ultra-high resolution P-cable processing project involving data up to 2kHz in a marine environment is not for the beginner! Unlike “big” companies, RockWave was able to respond rapidly to requests that might have been out of the norm, and deduce problems with the acquisition. The personal touch on a processing project can make all the difference in the final result, which in this case was spectacular. I would highly recommend them for any future project.”

Dave Monk on the San Bernard river in Texas
Dave Monk on the San Bernard river in Texas

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