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Ireland Single-Channel UHRS

Time to look again at the merits of single channel UHRS acquisition.

Ireland is aiming to increase renewable energy generation capacity by 5GW before 2030 as part of their “80 by 30 target”, whereby 80% of electricity will be generated by renewable sources by 2030. With such targets set then offshore wind will clearly play an important role in expanding that capacity. RockWave have recently supported one such Irish Wind Farm, by helping the developer gain more confidence in their understanding of the subsurface in which turbine foundations will be designed and installed.

The RockWave processed data are giving developers “food for thought” and uplifting their expectations on the quality that can be obtained from single channel UHRS acquisition. It is thought that results like these will interest more developers to look again at the merits of single channel UHRS sparker acquisitions.

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