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Leon Stanley joins from DUG!

Updated: Jul 2

📢 Now for the grand unveiling of our newest RockWaver 📢

Leon Stanley – who earned a First in Geology/Earth Science at Cardiff University, then a Masters in Exploration Geophysics from University of Leeds, but now joins the RockWave Imaging team having spent the past 4.5 years processing 2D, 3D and OBN seismic with DUG.

Some facts about Leon that you won’t read in his official profile on his official RockWave profile page

▶️Leon's most exhilarating experience in life was "hanging out" with sloths.

▶️Leon was the ripe old age of 17 when he found out that raisins are in fact dried grapes.

▶️Leon is fascinated by the fine art of film photography and owns several analogue cameras. His inspiration for this… Everton footballer, Leighton Baines!

Welcome Leon!

Leon Stanley joins RockWave Imaging team as a geophysicist from DUG.
Leon Stanley is a Geophysicist from Surrey.

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