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RWE Completes Reprocessing of M-UHRS Data with RockWave

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Can you be sure that the subsurface data you are working with is reliable enough to support your engineering design?

This example (data courtesy of RWE) shows how data that was acquired and processed only two years ago, can still be significantly improved upon with an optimised seismic processing workflow that reveals previously hidden subsurface information.

Unforeseen ground conditions poses one of the biggest risks to an offshore wind development. Therefore we cannot overstate the importance of producing an optimised seismic image that can be interpreted with a higher degree of confidence. Greater confidence in subsurface models ultimately means less contingency during the engineering design phase and a reduction in needless expense.

The M-UHRS data reprocessing project was led by Sandeep Bhamber at RockWave.

RWE ultra-high resolution seismic data reprocessed by RockWave
Annotated example of 2021 M-UHRS data compared to 2023 RockWave reprocessing.

If you want more subsurface information from your datasets then contact Alastair MacLeod and Matt Swan.

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