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Welcome Greg!

Welcome to the team Greg Hulks. He’s part of the post-2010 brand of geophysicist… he doesn’t remember paper sections, broadband is not a revolution and corporate Instagram accounts for seismic companies are definitely not cool.

Greg is a sociable chap and loves to travel. He is the person every friendship group needs, the responsible one, the organiser, the one who interrogates the globe to reveal it’s best destinations and the one who makes those fanciful ideas of adventure become a reality. Mexico, Morocco, Oman, Romania, Norway… are all places he won’t be returning to whilst the pandemic continues!

In the meantime he’ll be travelling the worlds Offshore Wind, CCS & O&G hotspots with RockWave, where seismic is squeezed for its information and remote working includes plenty of interaction with our “cameras-on” policy. Greg is providing temporary cover for Rachel whilst she enjoys time with the family and we’re delighted to have him become a RockWaver.

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