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Welcome Sandeep!

RockWave are expanding again! Today we welcome Sandeep Bhamber 💪💪💪

Sandeep is the master of timing, not only did he finish his last contract exactly when we needed him, he also planned his wedding for June 20th – yes, the day BEFORE the UK are allowed to hug and party together – so, just like RockWave, he can keep his overheads down and provide a small, bespoke, and personal experience for his guests, all at an affordable cost! (we won’t say cheap, for the sake of soon to be Mrs Bhamber!)

We're delighted to be working with Sandeep again, he brings a cool-headed approach to the challenges of imaging seismic data in Time and Depth. There isn't much that can phase someone who's built FWI velocity models in volcanic provinces like West of Shetlands and he is excited to be joining the company that will truly maximise his expertise not only in Oil & Gas but also CCS, Offshore Wind and Engineering industries.

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