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What Matters to Us

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By letting you know what matters to us, you will gain an idea of the expectations once you are a RockWaver and what we are looking for in a new team member.

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Why take this approach?
We are a small, close-knit and remote team whose strength lies in the connection between people, shared goals and attitudes. Sure, we all have different opinions, but core values and characters are mostly aligned. It is hugely important to us, and to your success here, that you are a good fit. 
Technical ability beyond that requested is great, but it won’t give you an advantage – it’s not the key to success in this position.

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When things go wrong, do you give a sigh of frustration or do you relish the challenge of solving it?
Do you pride yourself on technical excellence and optimising your clients' data?

Would you enjoy debating other people's problems and helping to find a solution?
We have a small but talented imaging team where you can both learn and grow, as well as help others do the same. In short, what matters to us is you are passionate about processing to the highest standards, are a self-starter when it comes to facing challenges head on and enjoy being a true team player.

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We want to ensure that every client remembers their experience with RockWave for the right reasons and put great emphasis on service and collaborative working. This is evidenced by our returning customers and growing reputation for a smooth and efficient service throughout.

We are looking for people that have service at the forefront of their approach, who enjoy working with their client and are comfortable building strong relationships.

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The nature of a start-up means there is freedom to explore and challenge tradition. We certainly do that. We have ended up going down paths we couldn’t have imagined and collectively figuring it out on the way, and we continue to do so.
Having that flexibility is a strength and keeps every day fresh and exciting. It is important for our new team member to also find enjoyment in that.

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Some of you may have managed teams of people, others may have given technical talks and some may have worked in multiple global locations or for a variety of different clients. For some of you perhaps opportunities like that didn’t come your way, no matter how much you may have wanted them.
So although those experiences add value, more important than looking back is what you have the desire and hunger to do in the future that can help both RockWave & yourself climb to new heights. 

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