Why You Might Want To Work With Us

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From the start we wanted to set up a company that functioned a little differently to our competitors, and that extends to how we are structured and operate.

Here we highlight some of the key items that set us apart from others that might make you want to work with us.

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The top 5m for cable routes? The top 25-100m for a windfarm array or bridge foundation? The top 1-2km for overburden analysis for underground storage? Or do you prefer going down deep for O&G exploration?  Sparker, boomer, pinger, chirp, airgun – what’s your favourite source?

If you are truly a passionate geophysicist, then you’ll probably be loving the opportunity for such variety and range of challenges!

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The debate of our time – remote work or office work? We’ve made our decision and it is 100% ‘Virtual’ (to say remote would imply we have an office that you are remote from – we don’t). No more negotiating for WFH days, no more commuting, more ‘time’ for yourself. You can work from anywhere, providing that you are a resident in the UK.
Perhaps our stance comes from starting up during Covid, but we have never had an office and it hasn’t disadvantaged us. But don’t worry about connection – we have built working practices to not only survive, but thrive as a remote team. 

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One thing we are adamant about is we never want to introduce a ladder that people feel obliged to climb or implies hierarchy. Junior, Senior, Team Lead, Advisor …whatever other title you have been encouraged to aspire to - forget it. We only have Geophysicists in our Imaging group. Everyone gets to lead projects. Everyone gets responsibility. Everyone is trusted. We succeed as a team. We are valued for what we bring to the company, not our title or position on an org chart.

So we don’t do career development? Of course we do – it just doesn’t revolve around titles. Check out the fantastic Ted talk on Squiggly Careers below to find out why we prefer not to have ladders!

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When we say Flexi-Work we mean Flexi-Work. You can build your core hours around your other obligations or passions – whether that be school drop-offs, a morning run and casual breakfast, or you simply work better between 8-10pm rather than 2-4pm and value the 2 hours in the afternoon for ‘life admin’. We even have people that will go kayaking or play golf on a whim because it’s a glorious morning.
The catch? There isn’t one really, so long as your projects are on track, your clients are happy and commitments such as meetings and deadlines are prioritised. Otherwise, when you work your hours is not the most important thing – your wellbeing is. Read how some of us are using Flexi-Work HERE

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This makes for frequent discussions within the whole team about how to address a new opportunity, or how we react to changes in our markets. Everyone has a voice and is able to play an active part in how our business develops and in improving our processes, procedures and working practices.

If you have a spark of genius one morning, we want to hear about it. Think our hiring campaign is rubbish and you have a better way – tell us. You aren’t just another processor, you are a fully invested part of developing our company.

With career ladders, our identity can become about the title's that we've held, rather than the talents that we have. This TED talk puts forward a view that we subscribe too. Note: third party content may contain adverts.


RockWaver Flexi-Work

Matt - Managing Director

My day will never start before 9:15, unless an urgent client request demands it. I have 3 young children to get out the door and to school (allowing my wife, a teacher, to leave the house early).
After drop-off I go to my home office until 3pm when the school pick-up calls. I'll then put in another hour or so before dinner and catch up the remainder in the early evening.


That would be a standard day, but on Tuesday it's kids to swimming lessons from 4-6pm - watch Child 2 & 3 in their lessons then work from the pool for an hour whilst Child 1 does endless laps (not so fun to watch but some of my most productive time for proposal writing!).

On Thursdays I stop at 4:30 to take part in Karate class with Child 1 & 2 – something I could never have fit in before.


Sounds hectic - it is, but that's having a young family and this way I have the ability to provide time for both them and RockWave.

If my morning is quiet, the weather is great, and I need to recover from all of the above, I might take the kayak out for an hour before work. I’ll also never miss an opportunity to go on a school trip – those things are important whilst the children are young and it costs me nothing in vacation days.

Being able to take that time out and juggle family life in a guilt-free way makes me far more productive in the time I am working and we offer the same level of flexibility to every one of our employees.

Sandeep - Geophysicist

My typical work day is fairly standard, I prefer to start around 8:30am - 9am, work through to lunchtime at around 12:30pm, eat and then take the dog for his walk. I’ll then start up again and finish around 5pm.
Fairly often I will have something else in my calendar, from the more mundane doctors/dentist appointments to socialising with friends, playing squash or going to music gigs/festivals. This is where flexi-work from home comes into its own for me as I can fit the rest of my life in at times that suit me.
For example, working a Thursday evening so I can leave early on a Friday afternoon to go to a music festival, or enjoying good weather during the day with friends and working in the evening instead, or starting late if I’ve had one too many orange juices the night before…
More recently, my wife and I are currently expecting our first child so being able to go to all the hospital visits and classes has been invaluable.
Obviously, this all needs to fit around meetings, deadlines and keeping my workload on schedule which relies on a level of trust both ways, but the trust is given and means that it is easy to have a good work-life balance and makes me feel more motivated whilst at work.