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3D UHRS P-Cable Processing

Updated: May 17, 2023

Check out the results from our latest interleaved swath (image above), source over streamer, 0.75m x 0.75m binned 3D UHRS, for the quality you should expect. In the words of David Monk... "it’s not for beginners".

3D ultra-high resolution P-Cable seismic data
3D UHRS P-Cable Data Processed by RockWave on US East Coast.

3D UHRS is becoming a hot topic in offshore wind with many acquisition vendors promoting their solution for your ‘one and done’.

The exact 3D solution you need and whether that quite stacks up economically will depend on the context and complexity of your site. However, as the scale, scope and expectations from these surveys increases, one thing you should be asking is how exactly such large and complex datasets are going to be processed to ensure you get the return expected of such a large investment.

This is where RockWave come in. We are 'acquisition vendor neutral', so our focus is solely on ensuring your dataset is processed to the highest possible standards - it's what we do best, and is what an expensive, high specification 3D shoot deserves.

If you want to know how RockWave can help you extract maximum value from your 3D UHRS investment, regardless of the acquisition vendor, contact us to arrange a technical discussion.

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