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January 2024 Workshop to Cotswolds

RockWave Workshops are where our small team come together to strengthen relationships, have fun and contribute towards everything that makes our small company tick. This time we booked a rather splendid house in the Cotswolds, UK for four nights.

RockWave workshop week spent in this Cotswolds property
How good is this house!?!?

We’ve learnt a lot about each other this week living together in this incredible house in the Cotswolds for a RockWave workshop, such as...

  1. Our newest RockWaver can’t cook potatoes – he burns them to a crisp. Identity of this person is currently embargoed until the big announcement next week. We had to blindfold him in the photos you see below.

geophysicists playing games around a table
This is not what it looks like...

2. Rachel Ward learnt that Nick Woodburn considers revenge more important than whether or not it is someones birthday! (context… she murdered him during a game of Traitors during the Jan 2023 workshop and he never let it go)

3. Greg Hulks is the king of organising games. 

The genius game organised at rockwave workshop
Greg Hulks orchestrated a knockout tournament of games throughout the week until we found a winner.

4. Connor Boylan is the king of winning games. Correction... he WAS the king of winning games, until everyone realised his talent and made him a target.

5. Natural outdoor swimming pools are not for the faint hearted...

6. Steam rooms and saunas compensate for the cold of natural outdoor swimming pools!

steam room and sauna at rockwave workshop
Luxurious steam room and sauna to prepare for the day

7. Workshop weeks allow the parents at RockWave to get some rare free time to reignite their outdoor and pub-related passions...

Alongside all that we’ve made a space for everyone to contribute towards the overall company strategy, to help us make decisions on how we should operate going forwards, all with the goal of creating the best possible experience for our people and clients.

Win Win!

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