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Rovco and RockWave Combine to Deliver UHRS for Cenos Floating Offshore Windfarm

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

A whopping 1.4GW – that's massive, even when measured against the standards of any conventional bottom-fixed wind development. But our latest project is not for a bottom-fixed development, it is for one of the largest floating wind farm developments in the world!

The Cenos project is a cutting-edge 1.4 GW floating wind farm in the Central North Sea, about 200 kilometers off the northeast coast of Scotland. The masterminds behind this project, Flotation Energy and Vårgrønn, are aiming to crank out clean energy from 70-100 turbines and help power Scotland towards hitting its impressive 2045 Net Zero targets.

Cenos floating offshore wind farm AC power generation to O&G platforms and UK grid.

We’re very excited to announce our involvement with this project, working alongside the excellent team of people at Rovco within their recently established site characterisation business line. RockWave will process the ultra-high resolution seismic (UHRS) and sub-bottom profiler (SBP) data acquired by their dedicated multipurpose DP2 survey vessel, The Glomar Supporter. Check it out below…

Rovco Glomar Supporter survey vessel partnered with RockWave
Multipurpose survey vessel, Glomar Supporter

The survey will be encompassing an impressive 333 square kilometers. Data acquired is being transmitted via Starlink connectivity and so reducing the time before the lead processing teams can get their hands dirty, by scrutinising, testing and optimising their workflows to produce fantastic data that'll leave its mark long after demobilization.

The Cenos project was one of thirteen to be selected earlier this year during the INTOG (Innovation and Targeted Oil & Gas) round, the world’s first leasing round designed to enable offshore wind energy to directly supply offshore oil and gas platforms. The power generated by the wind turbines will be routed to a substation platform before export to the oil and gas platforms and the UK grid.

We hope to return with news about the project as it progresses. Watch this space.

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