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Subsurface Data Available for Wind Farm Developers - UK & Ireland

How are you assessing sub-surface risk associated with the Celtic Sea Floating Wind Lease Opportunity?

This example of available seismic overlies one of the hotly contested refined areas of search by the #CrownEstate and is available now.

RockWave repurposed seismic data for offshore wind developers celtic sea
Oil & Gas Seismic Data Repurposed for Offshore Wind Developers

By now you must already know about RockWave Repurposing, but we’ll remind you… originally acquired for the O&G industry to encourage exploration, we took the data back to its raw state and reprocessed with the upper 500m (and especially the top 100m) as the focus for uplifting data quality. The newly Repurposed data is useful for use by offshore wind developers looking to get an early look at the subsurface before deciding where to invest. Read more on our Celtic Sea Repurposing landing page by cliking below...

Although airgun is not the optimal source type for imaging the very shallow (top 30m), Repurposed data does provide the interpreter an opportunity to produce a preliminary ground model and understand the regional context, thanks to excellent penetration down to 500m below seabed.

Remember... it’s AVAILABLE NOW. Get in touch now if you want to know more.

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