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US East Coast Award

The Beatles, Gordon Ramsey, James Corden.... all Brits that have made it big in America, and now you can add RockWave to that list!

Ok, it’s a first small step, but it’s another pin in our expanding world map of OWF adventures as we begin our first East Coast US Windfarm project!

Will we do a John Oliver and stick around so long we’re forgotten at home? Will we be misunderstood like Marmite? Will we be sent back quicker than Piers Morgan (a different kind of marmite)?? All we know for sure is we’ve run out of cultural references to hide the fact we can’t say much about this project…. there are over 30 published OWF sites on the US East Coast and we're doing something on one of them.

'Like' for what it is - another new market for RockWave’s optimised UHRS processing!

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